Family Dog Program Class Description

All of the classes in our family dog program are geared towards teaching you how to help your dog become a fun, well behaved and well adjusted family pet. Basic manners and obedience are emphasized using dog friendly methods. No choke chains or pinch collars are used. You will learn how to “think dog”. We will help you avoid the most common problems and prevent the most common bad habits.

Puppy Classes (for puppies 8 to 20 wks old)

This is where it all begins! It is very important to start teaching puppies as early as possible. Puppies learn very quickly. When puppies learn good habits right from the start, bad habits won’t form. Puppy classes cover socialization and manners. Puppies build a solid foundation for further training. Pups discover that learning is fun especially with their best friend – you!

Puppy classes consist of four one hour classes. We only accept a small number of puppies per class to ensures that you and your puppy will get lots of individual attention.  We are currently recommending private classes for puppies as we find that these are the most beneficial for you and your puppy.

Prerequisite - up to date on vaccinations for their age
Instructor -Howard Kadish


Family Dog (for puppies and dogs over 5 months old)

Bring out the best in your best friend! This class covers basic manners and self control. Important skills such as walking without pulling, greeting people without jumping up and basic obedience are taught in a fun and informative way.

Prerequisite - up to date vaccinations
Instructor - Howard Kadish


Pulling, Jumping and Barking. OH MY!

This is a short intensive course that will work on walking on leash without pulling, without barking and without jumping on people.  Both lecture and hands on formats are used.  This is a three hour course offered in two classes (one 2 hr class and one 1 hour class) or one 3 hour class.  The first half of class is divided between lecture, demonstration and working intensively with your own dog.  The second half is all hands on working with your own dog, using the skills that you have learned in class.  This class is aimed at making walking with your dog a fun event rather than a dreaded chore!  This class is for rambunctious friendly dogs that need work on their manners (self control).  This class is not for aggressive or shy dogs, please contact us if you are having these problems.

We will be working outside and we will be actively walking the dogs around many distractions.

Prerequisite - Up to date vaccinations
Instructor - Howard Kadish / Vicki Crocker / Dawn Kadish


Why Won't My Dog Listen to Me?

Tired of nagging your dog?  Tired of your dog never seeming to be on the same page as you are?  Are you embarrassed by your dogs behaviour, but don't know what to do?

This course is designed to help you regain control if things have gone bit off the tracks!  We will expect you to work hard in this course.  You WILL have homework and we WILL expect you to do it.  You will gain an understanding of how your dog thinks and learn how to win his attention and respect.  We will help you and your dog get back on the same page and be best of friends.

Instructor - Dawn Kadish