Boarding Rates

Booking Your Dog's Stay at
Dog Sports Centre's Country Retreat

We don't believe in charging extra for good care and the TLC that all dogs deserve!

What is included in your dog's stay? 

All dogs receive:

• Cozy indoor suite (24 - 50 sq feet each)
• Treat time – twice daily (or more!!)
• Spacious outdoor patio that may include a kiddy pool in the summer
• Daily play sessions
• Individual feeding program
• Up to twice daily administering of medication or supplements for those that require it
• We are also happy to stuff Kong toys or provide specialty foods that are supplied

Our regular boarding rate is $40.00 per dog per day plus HST
Click here for our Christmas boarding rates


How are "days" calculated for boarding?

The day your dog moves in is counted as one day.
Each subsequent day is counted as one day.
On the day that your dog is picked up there is no charge for that day, if you pick your dog up during a morning appointment (before noon).
There is a charge for the day of pick up for dogs staying after noon.

Eg. If your dog is dropped off at 9am on Friday and picked up on Monday at 11am - this would be 3 days. (Fri, Sat, Sun - no charge for Mon)
If your dog is dropped off on Friday at 4pm and picked up Monday at 4pm - this would  be 4 days (Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon)

Free Services
we are happy to provide
chew bones
and biscuits
to make your dogs stay very enjoyable.

Dawn and Howard live on the premises and look after your pets personally. 
Dawn is a veterinarian and Howard is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (one of only a few in Ontario).
 Additional Optional Services and Extras (these services are ONLY for dogs that are boarding)

Nail trim - $10

Bathing/grooming - ask for a quote (short haired dogs or dogs with coats in good condition are usually $35 - $40)

Boarding while in heat - $5 per day extra

Raw or frozen food preparation - ask for quote (usually $5 per day extra)

More involved medical treatments - ask for a quote (please note that we are a boarding facility and not a veterinary hospital - although we can provide a great many services, dogs that require complicated medical treatment may not be able to be accommodated - please discuss your dog's situation with us before booking your stay)