Christmas Holiday Boarding

We consider Dec. 22nd to Jan. 3rd to be our Christmas Holiday Boarding time.

Christmas is a very special time of the year at Dog Sports Centre!  All the dogs get a bit of extra spoiling at Christmas.  During these holidays we also are quite busy, so we recommend booking your dog’s stay as early as possible.  At this busy time it is extra important to take note of your appointment times so that you and your dog are arriving when we are expecting you.  You are welcome to send treats for your dog and even extra treats to share with his buddies if you wish.  We do tend to give lots of extra goodies to the dogs at this time of year, so it is very important that if your dog has food allergies or there are foods to be avoided that you note this when he comes for his stay.


Christmas stays for New Guests

If your dog has never stayed with us before we look forward to getting to know them and making their Christmas stay extra special.  We have lots of returning guests at Christmas so we can introduce your dog to some great new friends that we know well.  If your dog isn’t into the social scene, that is okay too, we can make sure that we find out what makes your dog happy and comfortable

If you would like to book a tour please do so well in advance as we are very busy near the holiday times are are not able to accommodate tours at that time.

Please note that we accept e-transfers or cash only,
we regret that we are unable to accept credit cards or debit.

Returning Guests

We love to see familiar faces during the holidays.  If your dog has boarded with us within the past year, then we already know them, their likes and dislikes and we know how to make their holiday stay special.  For our returning guests we offer a special rate of $40 per day !!!!! 

We love to be a second home to your pets!

This is also a thank-you to all of our regular boarders for referring their friends and family.