Agility I (beginner) – In this class dogs will be introduced to basic agility handling techniques and obstacles in a safe and controlled manner. The skills needed to successfully negotiate the obstacle and the handling skills will be worked on weekly. By the end of this class the dogs should have a good working knowledge of the table, tire, tunnel, and will have started the dog walk, frame, weave pole and jump handling techniques.
Prerequisite – the dogs must be under basic control, know their basic commands (come, sit, down stay), or be under 6 months old.  This class is appropriate for young puppies.  Dogs that are extremely distracted by other dogs or movement should take a course to improve control before taking this course.
Instructor – Dawn Kadish/Vicki Crocker

Agility II (novice) – This class is designed to follow beginner agility. In this class students will improve their handling skills and basic control. The dogs will improve their skills over all of the obstacles and will start to put together simple combinations.
Prerequisite – Agility I
Instructor – Dawn Kadish/Vicki Crocker

Agility III (intermediate) - This class is designed to start to prepare you and your dog for competition. The dogs must be reliable off leash and under good control. Handling skills and combinations will be emphasized. Obstacle skills will continue to be improved and strengthened. Prerequisite – Agility II
Instructor – Dawn Kadish