Planning Your Dog’s Stay


Dog Sports Centre Canine Country Retreat operates 24 hrs a day 365 days a year. 

Our office is open 7:30 am to 7:30 pm, 7 days a week by appointment only 
Please see below for holiday hours.

Pick up and drop offs are by appointment only.
 All stays at Canine Country Retreat are by reservation only.
During the week of Feb. 21st - 29th we are only accepting a limited number of dogs for boarding.
The office is closed for pick up and drop offs on
New Years Day (Jan. 1st)
Family Day (Feb.)
Good Friday
Easter Sunday
Easter Monday
Victoria Day Monday
Canada Day (July 1st)
Civic Holiday (August)
Labour Day
Thanksgiving Monday
Boxing Day

We close at 12pm (noon)
Christmas Eve
New Year's Eve

We recommend making reservations as early as possible to avoid disappointment, especially during July & August and during the Christmas holidays.   

We accept cash and cheques.  We regret that we are unable to accept credit cards or Interac.

Who Can Stay?

We are happy to have all breeds and mixes come out and enjoy a country vacation with us. 
We can cater to the tiniest or largest dog!
All dogs must have up to date vaccinations (rabies, parvovirus, & distemper) - titres are acceptable - Bordetella vaccination (kennel cough) is optional.  Dogs must be free of parasites.

Canine Country Retreat regrets that we can not take dogs that are highly destructive or have severe medical conditions. We are happy to cater to dogs that are shy or have mild aggression or behaviour problems. We can also offer individualized training while your dog is staying with us. If you are interested in training or your dog has special needs please discuss these with us before booking your dog’s stay.

What should we bring?

Other than your dog, we recommend that you bring your dog's regular food.  This will prevent digestive upsets.  Bring enough food for your dog's stay plus a few days in case you need to extend your dog's stay due to delays in returning.  It is not necessary to send a 40 pound bag of food for a weekend stay and it can be awkward to store large bags of food.

You can bring canned foods and/or kibble.  There is an extra charge for raw foods and frozen foods that need special preparation (generally $5 per day). 

Treats of any type can be left for your dog.  Kongs including treats to stuff kongs with (peanut butter, Cheese Whiz etc) can be dropped off for your dog.  If you would like to bring treats to share with your dog's boarding buddies let us know, this is sure to make your dog popular!  

Blankets and toys from home can be sent with your dog.  We do provide blankets and toys so it is not necessary.  Please do not bring toys or blankets that you cannot part with.  Toys and blankets can get lost or damaged while boarding.  All blankets and toys should be washable in a regular washing machine.

Please do not bring bowls and dishes.  We are happy to supply these.

While boarding,  your dog should have a regular nylon or leather collar.  For safety reasons prong (pinch) or slip collars (choke chains, training collars) cannot be worn while boarding.  Dogs can wear harnesses instead of collars.

Please bring a copy of your dog's vaccination certificate.

If your dog is on a special diet or has allergies please make sure to bring this to our attention when dropping off your dog.

If your dog is on medications or supplements, please bring these with your dog in their original packaging with the original dose and instructions on the label.  For safety reasons it is important that medication is properly labelled and packaged.  Remember to pack enough medication for your dog's stay plus a day or two in case of delays.

Please be prepared to leave an emergency number.  

What if I can't make my appointment or need to re-book my pick up or drop off time? 

Call us at 519 938-9479.   We may not receive e-mails quickly enough to get back to you in a timely manner. 
We understand that plans can change and delays occur.  It is important to re-book a new pick up or drop off time.  Pick up and drop off times are by appointment only.  Remember, if you do not have an appointment, we are not expecting you and may not be available.  If you cannot make your appointment time please call so that we can book a new convenient time for you.